Poetry Music

"The Kiss" by Siegfried Sassoon (1886 - 1967)

Produced by - Ron Weaver
Reading by - Michael Sheen
Music - "Shadows" by Magnus Moone

"If we look, we acknowledge that we are incriminated ('damned'); worse still, if we turn away squeamishly, we are moral hypocrites."
Tim Kendall, Professor of English at the University of Exeter

Special Thanks to Poetictouch
Produced in Adobe After Effects with Element 3D from Video Copilot


To these I turn, in these I trust;
Brother Lead and Sister Steel.
To his blind power I make appeal;
I guard her beauty clean from rust.

He spins and burns and loves the air,
And splits a skull to win my praise;
But up the noble marching days
She glitters naked, cold and fair.

Sweet Sister, grant your soldier this;
That in good fury he may feel
The body where he sets his heel
Quail from your downward darting kiss.

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