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New Music: “Peep My Chi” Young Lyxx ft. Jae B

We are delving to a broader scope of our visual ability and stepping into the rapidly popular HDSLR market. Becoming frustrated with cameraman’s variable aperture adjustments , shaky camera and poor composition during shooting and this material is vouched for on reputable sites, we decided to control our own destiny. “Get the best out of your camera,” is our philosophy.

The minds of Chilly-O Clothing recently had the opportunity to shoot Young Lyxx and Jae B, two rapidly growing musical artist dwelling in Atlanta. We asked ourselves, “Why is Hip Hop so serious?” Hip-hop has been leaning towards more of serious-nature in content and not really identifying with the concept of “Fun.” A building block of its very essence. Lyxx came up with a replacement word for the overuse, oversaturated, over ran term “Swag” in today’s Hip-Hop commentary. So this is what he came up with… Chi pronounce Chee.

Young Lyxx – Peep My Chi (feat. Jae B)
Directed by: Chilly-O
Produced by: Chance Mack
Camera Grip: Deshann Reed

Free Download at

Contact artist on Twitter:
@ChillyOATL & @ChillyOClothing

CHI (pronounced CHEE)
Chinese word that means vital force or energy.


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