3D Motion Graphics

What do Mon-star has to do with all this? Nothing.
Hi there! Here`re some facts about the process of the short.
It`s an inbetween project short. We started designing just the city, 7 months ago. Once we had it, we thought it will be nice if a monster tries to destroy it, but fails in the process. "let`s add a goofy robot!" we said. The intention was to do a simple 10 second piece of the robot failing. Just for the kicks.
The funny part was, when we put Mon-star there, it wasn`t enough. So, between projects of course, we did an story and added more and more scenes...
Then, when we were in the middle, the movie Pacific Rim went out; we cursed the coincidence. Bad luck for us, cause the movie is really awesome.
Anyways, we ended up with this 2 minute short. We never intended this to became a short in the first place, but it did.
Hope you like it!
Done by 2veinte

Director: Pablo Gostanian
Art Director: Pablo Gostanian
Animation Directors: Pablo Gostanian & Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Excecutive Producer: Agustin Valcarenghi
Camera: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Mon-star Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Additional Mon-Star Animation: Xeppepo (Jorge Herrero)
Mon-star Modelling: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Boros Robot Design: Pablo Gostanian, Xeppepo (Jorge Herrero), Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Boros Robot Animation: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga
Robot Cars Modelling: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Alex Gostanian, Diego Flores Diapolo
Traditional 2D Animation: Melisa Farina
AE 2D Animation: Pablo Gostanian
City 3D Design: Pablo Gostanian
City Texturing & Lighting: Ezequiel Pini
Control Cabin Design: Diego Flores Diapolo, Santiago Medina, Pablo Gostanian
Room Design: Juan Pablo Sciaccaluga, Santiago Medina
2D Character Design: Juan Molinet
2D Character Animation: Melisa Farina, Sebastian Garcia
Story: 2veinte Team
Story Board: Pablo Gostanian
Post Production: Pablo Gostanian

Music: Hula-Music.com

For more info: 2veinte.com.ar
Follow us: facebook.com/2veinte
Twitter: @2veintestudio

j vimeo.com/73822107

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