Stopmotion - 2 hours making of time
Gregoire Chombard & SImone Cinelli
Paris - september 2007
One day in the Greg's atelier at Paris.
We thinked to the story of a little golem, survivor in a world where only garbage resist to the distruction.
Like a little wall-e (and we don't had watched the film) he realize his mean of life: taking all the garbage and incenerate inside an old industrial manufact.
So, he do that, letting down only the heart woman.
Like a little pinocchio, ended his work, the heart woman give to him a great present.....

We realized this video under necessity of doing that. With notime but lot of passion, we prepared the set and realized the shoots and the music in no more than 2.30 hours.
Than i mounted everything in no more than 1 hour.
A very low low fi production, to play like childrens in this difficult world!

j vimeo.com/18750262

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