Directed by Pritam Jaykar.
(Krrish Spyker = Pritam Jaykar = Same person :)


1} The title of the film is the metaphorical reference to the Japanese "Geishas", known for their great seducing and performing abilities. Some even called them ancient whores, having mastered the art of seducing the opposite sex.

2} This is an experimental short which does not rely heavily on a conventional story telling format. It was never meant to be an abstract film either.
When I started out with this project, I asked myself -- 'How would one put forward views of a tortured soul without weaving a story around it?' (A female sex worker in this case) 'How important a story is, to a film? Is it possible to make an interesting film without a story, a film which is not too abstract?' etc.

3} The post production is deliberate. It's partly inspired by the Bollywood (Indian film industry) style of film making and partly inspired by Iranian film making style. If you have never watched or heard about any of those, you might find this short, bit weird. You may call it as a 'musical', but we (Indians) don't call them that. It's just how films are made in India since 1930s.



They call her Geisha. Yep, that is her name.

"Life is like a cigarette. You can watch it burn. Or you can smoke that bitch right down to the filter!"
Geisha, merely C-H-O-S-E to do the latter.
It's H-E-R point of view of looking at the world she lives in.


Written/Directed by Pritam Jaykar.
(Krrish Spyker = Pritam Jaykar = Same person :)


"There are so many words for girls, and they're all bad! And, there are not many words for guys, and most of them are good!"


"The way she moved...her hair, her eyes, her face. As she stalked the room, I could feel the aura of her presence, deliberately enticing every male around, in some sort of sexual behavior."

[Part - 1]

THE GUY: So...can-can you seduce me? (Winks)
GEISHA: (Straight face) I'm not a hooker.
THE GUY: (Dumbfounded) Um...I think you are? I just paid money for sexual favors from you.
GEISHA: I know right, you are such a slut! (Laughs)
THE GUY: But do you think you can seduce men?
GEISHA: (Straight face) Anything with tits and an ass can seduce a man. What's your point?

GEISHA (Continued): (Slowly moving towards him, now whispering erotically into his ears) I am the one here with your money in my pocket; I think I have S-E-D-U-C-E-D you already and enough.

[Part - 2]

THE GUY: Women, in general, are of two kinds. PSBs and non-PSBs.
THE GUY: Do you know what PSB is?
GEISHA: (Sarcastically) Well, I didn't ask what PSB is?
GEISHA: (Looking away) Is that some lame new term coined by Mr. Loser?
THE GUY: Perhaps?
GEISHA: (Annoyed) What The 'F' is P-S-B anyway?
THE GUY: Paranoid Selfish Bitches.

[Part - 3]

GEISHA: (With bit of hatred and angry tone) I hate men! Especially you!
THE GUY: (Freaking out bit) But we just met?!
GEISHA: (Laughs) I know. I hate the fact that men want women so bad sexually, if you have sex with them too quickly, they just leave! Men are true only to their crotches.
THE GUY: (Hesitantly) Well...that-that could be true.
GEISHA: (Sarcastically) It's funny though. Men claim to love sex so much, yet while (sarcastic cough) D-O-I-N-G, most could not find a clit to save their sorry lives.

(THE GUY thinks about what she just said for couple of seconds. He is basically amazed at her accurate observation about men.)

GEISHA (Continued): I was not born this way.
GEISHA: One counselor told me that considering all I have been through, it's a wonder that I am not gay or nuts.
GEISHA: Harassed, drugged, beaten, raped, exploited....ugh! (Disgusted) I hate men!
THE GUY: You sound very bitter.
GEISHA: (Straight face) You sound very condescending. (Whispering erotically with extreme sarcasm) It's a H-A-R-D old world babe. I merely decided to use what's hard to M-Y advantage (looks pointedly at his crotch and smiles a tiny bitter smile).

[Closing part]

GEISHA: (She moves toward him , slowly seductively, a little menacingly...Perhaps on her hands and knees on the bed ..Smiling & whispering erotically) I have been raped in the ass by better men than Y-O-U.

GEISHA (Continued): I've been beaten but not B-E-A-T. I've been drugged but not B-R-O-K-E-N. Life is hard and so am I. (Moves closer with cold little smile, whispering erotically) And so are Y-O-U. (Climbs on his lap). Get it out and do it already, the meter is running...



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