Virtuoso Pianist Andy Quin plays his composition Toccata No.1 in C on the Amazing Estonia 9' Concert Grand. This wonderful instrument was handmade for Andy at the Estonia piano factory in Tallinn and ranks amongst the finest and most beautiful pianos in the world.
Toccata No.1 was written whilst Andy was still a schoolboy and given its first public performance in 1976. At one level the piece is ' A simple expression of the joy of my being able to hear' ( concert program note from 1982). However at the time it was written, the composer was very interested in sound reflections, and the way in which sound vibrations are modified into the perception of music by the ear and brain . Thus Toccata starts with a right hand motif exactly mirrored in the left hand, but as the music progresses, the right hand pattern remains broadly the same representing the external sound, whilst the left hand gradually modifies representing the human perception of music.
The sound of Andy's beautiful, emotive piano can now be heard on film and TV productions throughout the world, for example on this recent TV appeal by the Centrepoint charity for the young and homeless;


and on dozens of production music tracks;

Toccata No.1 in C will shortly be released on the Academy Recordings label and the piano score will also be made available. Please see andyquin.com/ for news and details. Email Andy at info@andyquin.co.uk

The film was made by Arkippus films Dir. Joseph Landreth-Smith.

Copyright Andy Quin 2013

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