sound art & design

This the full trailer for the short horror 'Desecration' featuring my sound design work.

The entire track was created using recordings from a Cello which were then manipulated into drum sounds, textures and rhythms in Ableton Live.

As the film is entirely set in a forest I wanted to use real acoustic instrument sounds as a base for the all music rather than using synths and pre-recorded percussion samples.

I used a kick drum pedal on the cello body for the beginnings of the kick drum sound (a little trick I learned from Diego Stocco) A lot of the other noise was created using the bow and piano hammers (Diego again ;)) to tap on the cello body and strings to create the rhythms.

From there I used Ableton to pitch shift, eq, compress, distort and time-stretch elements to create the final score.

*Info about the Film from Scattered Images:*

The third film from The C Project Supported by Digital Circle

Directed by Alan McCracken & Marty Stalker.

CAST Chris Simpson, Tom Collins, Matt Faris, Belle McClenaghan, Stephen Foster, Campbell Millar, Jim Sheeran and Paul Livingstone

Filmed in Northern Ireland on the Canon 5D Mark II with Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses.

Blog article on the Production

A Scattered Images Film Production

You can find the production company on Facebook

and Twitter

You can find the Facebook page for the film here:


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