Acoustic Guitar Group

"Kui Lima" is one of my few original compositions, a piece I wrote for a wedding recessional and recorded on my cd "Kaleponi." The title means "Hand in Hand." The tune is arranged in Taropatch (open G) tuning, in this case the whole instrument is tuned one whole step low, a tuning often called Taropatch F.

This performance took place in our rental cottage a few yards from Kailua Beach, complete with occasional gusts from the tradewinds and rumbles from Kalaheo Avenue.

This is my first clip recorded on a new Kodak Zi8. Since I purchased the camcorder after we arrived in Hawai`i I don't have access to all my gadgets. As a result I'm using the Zoom H2 as a microphone for this clip, simply leaving it in standby and connecting the headphone output to the audio input of the Zi8.

I also don't have access to my editing computer, so I cobbled this clip together with the Media Impressions software that came with the Zi8, then extracted the audio using ffmpeg, tweaked it in Cool Edit Pro, then merged it with Media Impressions.


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