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This classic hula is one I've played for Lynn many times, it's a lovely dance and a charming story of cheeks dainty and damp. This instrumental version was improvised to celebrate a few moments of sunlight appearing between rainstorms. The guitar is tuned to taropatch F, open G tuning down one whole step: from low to high C F C F A C

I'm playing this tune on a Composite Acoustics OX Raw guitar. This guitar is made by a relatively young comparny in Lafayette, LA. I'm really enjoying this instrument. It's responsive, well made, very comfortable, sounds sweet and musical, and saves a lot of worry over temperature and humidity problems.

The video was shot with a Sanyo Xacti HD2000 for the primary and a Panasonic Lumix ZS3 for the secondary. I made some errors in my settings on the Xacti, and caught the light and exposure wrong, but I had to grab the few moments of sunlight because there haven't been many around here lately.

I recorded the audio on a Zoom H2 and processed for EQ and volume adjustments in Adobe Audition 3.0. Video editing and rendering in Premier Elements 7.

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