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Sweaty, itchy beards. Pounding 45°C desert heat. Lung-implodingly high mountain passes. Cows in lime-green Ladas. More friendly kids than an extremely enthusiastic baseball coach could high-five in the busiest of baseball seasons, and so much more vodka than even the most serious Russian alcoholic could ever dream of consuming. Months of adventure whittled down to minutes of digital moving-image-magic for your armchair entertainment. Kick back with a nice cup of tea and enjoy some snippets of our bike ride through Central Asia.

Huge thanks to our friends for the fun and adventure along the way, and of course for the amazing footage!
Good luck with the rest of your adventures!

Arian and Monique
Marianne and Tobias
Ramon and Hanne

Watch Cycling Central Asia - Part 1

Soundtrack Credits

Kyrgyzstan recordings by Jerome Alexandre

The following tracks are licensed under a Creative Commons License

“Khorezm family band 2″ Silk Road in Stereo

“Khorezm family band 4″ Silk Road in Stereo

“TV Dinner” Hiiragi Fukuda

“over and under” Antiphon

“Overand (csum cover)” csum

“You on Stage” Heidi Harris

“TEDxPeñas-Jorge Saade-una sinfonia de introspeccion-Two Guitars (Russian traditional song)” TEDx Global Music Project

“Happy song by King Konsul & 12 Tribu Basque Roots Reggae Band” King Konsul

“The Stories Without Words (first edition, home records) — 7 — Song of Brass” aksenty

The following tracks were licensed under a Creative Commons License as well as with specific permission from the artists. Thanks!

“Machines and Muscles” CAVE

“Banjo” musicisfreenow

“Ouistiiti” aztec

“Russian waltz” accordeosynther

Film Equipment

Nikon D90 with 18-135 Zoom (kit) and 35mm fixed lens
iPhone 4
Ricoh R8
and a few other point and shoot cameras our friends used.
Zoom H1


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