Electroacoustic Music

KakofoNIKT Live at Centrum Kultury Zamek, Poznań

January 2012

Wibracje Palsecam

Patryk Lichota – laptop, saxophones, prepared instruments
Szymon Mizera – hurdy gurdy + effects, didgeridoo, vocals
Hubert Wińczyk – devised objects, acoustic wave generator, effects, toy instruments, vocals
Tomasz Gęstwicki – live video

KakofoNIKT – audio-visual group from Poznań, exploring the borders of industrial music, noise, free improvisation, sound installations and performance. The group uses such instruments as: metal garbage, damaged electronic devices, toy instruments, electronically processed hurdy-gurdy and saxophone, field recordings and real sounds, objects of everyday use and acoustic wave generators. The band aims at calibration of listeners’ perception into a channel of different consciousness – experimenting with the time of concerts, as it was with the Respondorium project that started at 5 am; or literally lying the audience down in a series of concerts for dreaming: Dream Machine. Sound becomes the borderline point of experience. A very important element of the group’s activity is also working with space, as it was in the case of performing in a synagogue in Klimont, a fire station in Zduny, old slaughterhouse in Tuczno, a concert for a highlighted and amplified forest and a multimedial invertion of up and down in an underground passage in Poznań.

j vimeo.com/36694155

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