Rock en HD

music video for Belgian nekromantic metal band Herfst. filmed in a retro witchcraft.occult euro exploitation style with all the stuff I like.

""Grab a bucket of roasted maggots, a crystal glass filled with absinth and enjoy our very first video, 'Eyeless Soulless'. It's our tribute to that magic 60s-70s era of grindhouse cinema:
seedy theaters on 42nd street playing a non stop visual assault steeped in the most filthy of exploitation, in decadent erotica and psychedelic delirium.
Lesbian vampires, occultism, haunted castles, dimensions from the beyond, a caped dwarf: it's all there.

We hope you like the decrepit, rotten fruit of our labor.
A very big thank you goes out to director Simon at Eat Cake And Worship Satan & his goregeous models for the brilliant cinematography & eye candy.



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