Peace On Earth

All I ever longed for is in the light, and I notice, then,
that some of my friends in the circle are beginning to float
a few inches above the ground. I wonder about this, but
know from somewhere deep inside that I am able to lift up,
as well.....

The Intenders Bridge

You’ve come to the end of the road. In order to go any further, you have to cross The Bridge . . .

Everything is changing faster than we ever expected. In order for us to grow and thrive in today’s world we will have to do two things. First, we’ll need to step into our personal empowerment because if we do not become proficient at manifesting we remain at the mercy of people and forces outside ourselves who may not have our best interests at heart. In short, we need to learn how to manifest if we’re going to create better lives for ourselves.
And second, we’ll need to come together with our fellow travelers because we’ve begun to realize that in order to have peace, freedom, and all good things, people must work together.
The Intenders Bridge is a unique 44 day email program consisting of brief messages and Intenders Success Stories purposely arranged to help you step into your power right away. The Bridge is free. All you have to do to take your first step is go to and fill in your email address.

For a free poster of The Code, or to order any of The Intenders books or DVD's go to

Join us now at as we cross The Bridge . . .


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