Just fast testing shark jump in every mainfluid sim as comparisions, nothing very special in configs, most are default and some extras.

-Domain cellsize: 0.14
-Pool size: 41x5x41
-Particles: 20 mil.
-Extra: Drag force 0.2, sim dense, timescale 1.2.
-Time sim: 7hrs.
-Personal note: updated fixed less splash.

-MVS: 0.08
-Pool size: 42x6x42.
-Extra: swirl 3, drag 0.35, boundary-layer.
-Particles: 22 mil.
-Time sim: 5hrs.
-Personal note: probally this is most natural like the real references, a bit more splashy would be better.

-Ps: 0.08
-Pool Size: 40x6x40.
-Extra: timescale 1.2, smoothing 0.2, drag 0.25, velocity scale 4.5, CD move outside collision, shark interation 0.8.
-Particles: 20 mil.
-Time sim: 4hrs.
-Personal note: updated fixed splash collision.

Shark model/rigged FREE download: carlosparmentier.com/files/whiteshark_v1.rar (if you want the animation one, msg me)


j vimeo.com/72380766

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