Museum and Exhibition Concepts

This title shows excerpts from a 12 minute original work created by my company, CDP Media, in 2001 for the Watermarks exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

The motion graphics animation was created by Aaron Seymour, using After Effects. I researched the material ( along with the ANMM curators) and provided creative direction for the overall project.

I've uploaded it here for reference purposes, as the media has long since been discontinued at the museum.

Oskar Speck was 25 and unemployed when he left Germany by kayak in 1932.

Originally intending to find work in a neighbouring country he ended up travelling, by kayak, across the world to Australia. Arriving in 1939, he was immediately interned for the duration of the Second World War.

During his travels, Oscar Speck took photographs and made detailed diary entries. On arrival in the Indonesian archipelago (then the Dutch East Indies) he obtained a 9mm film camera and filmed many remarkable records of everyday life among the coastal peoples he met and camped with.

CDP designer Aaron Seymour created a 12 minute motion graphics map depicting the path Oscar Speck took across the world. His original photos, passport entries, newspaper clippings and a montage created from his many hours of extraordinary unseen footage were incorporated to illustrate the journey.

The program was displayed on a high-resolution LCD monitor set into a showcase containing various mementos, a model and a contemporary ‘Folbot’, the type of one-man kayak he used for his journey.

Gary Warner 2012


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