Canon T2i (550D)


Canon t2i
Magic Lantern
Mosaic Engineering VAF-TXi Filter *
Lens: Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4
Card: SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB 95MB/s SD

Watch in HD at full-screen for a true representation of the lack of moire.

Run-and-gun test demonstrating RAW recording on the Canon t2i combined with Mosaic Engineering's VAF-TXi moire/anti-aliasing filter. These shots were grabbed from around my home. No shoulder mount / stabilization used; just the camera, which results in jittery footage.

Of particular interest was the capturing of fine patterns and diagonals. Without the VAF-TXi, these areas would have had significant aliasing / moire, especially in RAW footage.

The original clips were recorded at 1728x432 @ 23.98fps. (Maximum recording length was around 5 seconds per clip.) They were scaled up to 1920x480 in post. No post sharpening or color grading, except a couple shots which were a bit on the yellow side and had a bit of blue added.

* Note: There's an issue with some Canon t2i cameras and the Mosaic Engineering VAF-TXi. I've experienced this problem on both of my t2is, but I've heard it does work on some. This video shows the problem, along with my current workaround:


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