Thinking Particles

A short little project I shot in Romania about 2 years ago on one of the best mountain roads in Europe. Me together with a few friends and colleagues did the vfx, mostly after work hours with a last push being supported by the company we work for in terms of resources, budget for sound/music/ final grading and render power. I work as a supervisor at Flavor3d (, the film and print division of RTT (

The material was shot in the course of 2 days from the back of my car with a Canon 5D. The idea came about while watching a comparison between the old 1970 Boss 302 and the new 2013 model. Unfortunately they discontinued the Boss model for 2014 which is too bad as it was a nice looking car.

After finishing it, we were very fortunate to have these guys do the music and soundFx : Very cool company to work with.

The grading was done by Peter at , another amazing post production house in Munich.

From the CG side here are the people that worked on it:

Shooting: Adi Chifor, Gabi Chifor, Codrin Chifor, Florin Borlan, Marius Satmarean
Designs: Adi Chifor, Egon Bachmann
Model&Texture: Radu Arsith, Dan Nanu, Paul Paslea
Env prep: Martin Bockenfeld
Tracking: Adi Chifor, Peter Pflaum, Wolfgang Walter
Rigging: Egon Bachmann, Ralph Lindner
Animation: Egon Bachmann, Peter Pflaum, Wolfgang Walter
FX: Robert Schroder
Lighting/Shading: Adi Chifor, Catalin Satmarean, Holger Lorenz. Markus Sterner
Post: Chris Rainer, Daniel Smith, Alexander Seefelder, Adi Chifor
Editing: Adi Chifor, Jan Kiesel
Support: Laura Langhammer, Franz Brandstaetter, Tim Rau, Erich Sotiriu
Writing/Directing/Supervision: Adi Chifor

We used: PfTrack, Maya, Mari, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Mental Ray&Vray, Nuke, Thinking Particles and FumeFX.

I hope you enjoy it!


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