Environmental Social Consciousness

The soil hid under rusting sheets
no blade of grass to see the sun
the battery's poison content seeps
no seed to stand a chance

The debris fades in bleaching sun
no fruits that it can grow
footsteps not found
on wreck-strewn ground
abandoned lay as waste

Look at the scars you have me bear
not mirror of my soul
the shame not mine, but I'll endure
as caustic acid soaks the ground
burns all which once had life

Discarded remnants won't fuel growth
but fruitless barren soil,
use have I none of what you brought
digest I try but can't make ore
nor sand from glass of other shores

Have you forgotten who I am?
the blossom from the burning ground
the root that brought you healing,
I fed each plant you ever ate,
my breast not failed in feeding

I am the dusk, the dawn, the day
I am the night of calming break,
the oceans, lands and mountains high
and all that dwell within

I am the aggregate of all
since time saw light of day
and everything your eye can see
your then, your now, your history

If I'm not holy ground in life
how can I be when you're in me
be place of final rest?

Poem, audio, composition, photography
and video by Heinz Ross. The poem is
published in 'Logos' (book):

(This poem was triggered when I saw the battery on the ground. It was published some years ago with the images as per video.)

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