Action Sports Filmmaking

"As part of Justin Keena and Meredith Meehan's project 'Finding Sanctuary' Justin filmed me with his V.I.O. POV.HD camera ( and I threw this edit together out of the footage - check it out and wish these kids luck on their journey around the word!" -Stebs

We consider meeting Stebs a windfall –he is one of those amazingly kind and unselfish people who are seemingly rare in this world – and getting to hang around him for even a few hours is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. As a truly talented videographer, he is able to transmit his emotions and energy through images, and they can, at times, be extremely forceful and moving. He is such an intense and thoughtful person though, that like so many artists, he can get “stuck” in his own head. It is through BMX biking that he is able to let all his rampant thoughts and feelings fall away, allowing himself to enter his sanctuary. Having to be so conscientious while he is trying a trick -many that could send him to the hospital- works both his mind and body. It is during these moments when his entire being aches, and he finally stomps the trick he is trying, that he feels the rush of contentment and peace. For Stebs, biking hard is a sanctuary that he will take with him wherever he goes.

Produced by Justin Keena and Stebs Schinnerer


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