Canon 5D MKII

The first experiment of the Canon 5d Mark II video.

I'm still messing with optimal exported video from FCE, so this may be a bit better in the future.

Footage was taken at the February 2009 Spreenkler meeting at Bucketworks in Milwaukee, WI.

This is not a coherent edit; I threw together some of the footage I had to see what it would look like and how it acted in Final Cut Express. It was dumped in as h264 1920 x 1080p footage and exported out (via the Apple Intermediate Codec) as 1280 x 720p at 30p.

All the footage was shot handheld with the 17-40mm f/4L canon lens. No exposure compensation was used, most shots were on the default settings. no lighting kit(s) used either, all available light (mixture of tungsten and Fluorescent), white balance was default at auto.

I excluded the on camera mic audio, because I never plan on using it for serious video work (always use a shotgun or external mics and sync). I will say it did a pretty decent job if you really had nothing else to use, but would recommend against it for anything serious. It Catches alot of the focus/zooming from the handler.

Music by me circa 1997.

I'm very pleased with this camera and its potential. With some tweaking, and time, this camera can give you EXCELLENT material. (well, that and you have to know what you are doing =P)



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