Rövidfilm egy 41 napos útról. 2008 májusában gyalogoltam Irúntól Finisterréig a Camino de Santiagón.

KODAK Ektachrome 64T-re filmeztem egy Canon 318M kamerával. Szkennelve, vágva, szerkesztve. (Jokota Szuszumu: Secret Garden c. számára komponálva.)

A film documentary of a walk I made in 2008 from Irún, Spain, to the "end of the world" at Finisterre. Some 650 miles (a bit more than a thousand kilometers) in 40 days. From sea level up to 4000 feet (1200 metres) high, and for weeks in constant rain. Met some good folks, locals and pilgrims as well, made a few friends.

I shot some 13 minutes on four KODAK Ektachrome 64T cartridges, used a camera I hadn't used before. And after the film was revealed I realized that the mechanism of the camera was broken, not badly, but the images were quite jerky. So I had to apply some serious depan filters. It still looks jerky at a few points.

The soundtrack is "Secret Garden" from Susumu Yokota's The Boy and the Tree album, it is just perfect. The sequences come almost in chronological order.


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