What do you guys use for 60d video?



Hi folks, love this place, just got the 60d, loving it.

I'm curious if any of you could help with basic process stuff. I'm considering buying FC Express, but have read I have to convert the film first using MPEG Streamclip. Is there something I'm missing? What do you guys do with your raw footage? FCPro? Express?

Thanks for any help :)


Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

For 24P express will not work for you unless you do everything in 30P and in that case you might as well use imovie 11. You must go Pro for that. If your money is funny, Adobe Premiere Elements is the way to go with NEWBLUEFX Bundle or step up to Premiere CS5 with After Effects.



Thanks Kevin. I very much appreciate the reply.

Ali Zahid

Ali Zahid

I use Final Cut Pro 7 with the EOS Plugin to Log and Transfer clips into Final Cut Pro. It automatically converts to Apple Prores 4444 for the highest quality video. This feature is only available for Canon 5D MKII, 7D & 60D.
I would definitely recommend Final Cut Pro 7.

Crackin Toast Media

Crackin Toast Media Plus


I use Adobe CS5 with my 60d, no problems, adobe reads it natively no conversions necessary.

Anthony Haden Salerno

Anthony Haden Salerno Plus

I've heard that CS5 Premiere Pro edits H.264 native, making conversion/compression unnecessary until you get to color grading and final output. Plus, it works in the 64bit environment (if you've got hardware to support it), and (supposedly) seamlessly integrates with the rest of Adobe's image software like AE. Would that make CS5 the better choice for work flow? Also heard some creepy rumors recently that Apple is not too pumped to support Final Cut in the long run... just a rumor, remember. I'm a Final Cut user but considering the switch to CS5. The more input on this subject the better. Thanks all!



Hmm, interesting comments. Thanks gents.


Mark_in_NY Plus

Sony Vegas but that's only because I'm on a PC... however it natively edits the .MOV files and is super quick for simple tasks.

Rob Harris

Rob Harris Plus

It's amazing how well vegas handles .mov files...

Alistair Loveless

Alistair Loveless Plus

Mostly ditto what Ali posted. Just discovered that plugin! totally awesome.

Tom Stokes

Tom Stokes

I have been exporting 5D (converted to Pro Res) footage from final cut. When I export to hard drive I get a quicktime AND another file titled like this 'Final-av.mov1'. It seems like a meta data file which is needed to play back the footage in quicktime. When I export to desktop instead, I get the regular self-contained quicktime file.
Does anyone know why this might be?

Matt Kiefer

Matt Kiefer

is apple prores 4444 really nessary? I heard you can save file space with 422 lt and it is more than enough? true?

Dave Fulton

Dave Fulton Plus

I use FCP and your right 4444 is a bit overkill, you have multiple options when importing (422 being one)

Colin Berry

Colin Berry Plus

4444 may be overkill. BUT my set up supports the high file sizes so I have been using it. I heard that this format offers lossless conversion and 422 'nearly' lossless.

I would be interested to know if anyone can say for SURE that 422 is equal quality when dealing with 60D footage as the 4444. If the difference is merely microscopic I would still use 4444, anyone know?

James Davis

James Davis Plus

I use Sony Vegas Pro 10 and MOV files work flawlessly on the timeline.

Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones

Update... If you are still up in the air FCP X comes out in 2 months.. Got to get it. Only $299

Shane Harrison

Shane Harrison

it looks like imovie ... needs hella updates not for me NEW isnt always better


FullCut Plus

edius 6! it just edit anything, im using edius for 3 years now! i was a primary avid and fcp user, and 5 and 6 versions have a bridge to Ae;)

Kiss The Baby Productions

Kiss The Baby Productions

Well i would recommend you go with what kevin and anthony says. As for myself i use CS5 adobe master collection.

Pastor Rick Greene

Pastor Rick Greene

FCP X work for me.

"PREDICTION" Apple in combination with 3rd party manufacturers will eventually bring the program to where it needs to be to satisfy Pro and still be able to market to the masses, giving them proud ability to say " I edit in FCP " all will be happy and Apple will continue to make many more billions in profit. But thats just one man's opinion.

BongVideos Production

BongVideos Production Plus

I use Sony Vegas Pro 10. It works perfectly for me. It also helps me finish my same-day-edit videos on time :)

William Rich

William Rich Plus

Hello everybody! I just got my 60D and I'm loving it! I'm using FCP7 and FCPX for editing. To answer David Long's very good question here's a little history lesson.
The first really professional industry standard NLE was Avid Media Composer (and still is for feature film work).. but you had to get their entire 'system' which was super expensive.. then FCP comes along and you just load that on the MAC you already have and it worked! it was a fraction of the price of Media Composer.. more and more folks were jumping onboard the FCP bandwagon.. it became the industry standard for broadcasters and post houses.. then.. along comes Adobe in the background.. Premiere pro was actually developed by the same guy that developed FCP, so with a few differences, it is almost the same UI as FCP.. Here's the difference.. Apple owns FCP and folks purchasing a MAC editing machine can just add FCP studio while they are ordering.. then several years ago Adobe listened to their clients (and potential clients) and upgraded Premiere Pro with all the bells and whistles an editor could want without changing the UI.. Apple listened too.. but were slower to respond.. and folks began to get Premiere Pro. Apple then finally came out with FCPX.. which has a lot of cool features.. but they changed the UI so much from FCP7 it scared pro-editors.. and it looks very much like a downgrade from FCP7.. then folks found out it was not compatible with older versions of FCP and can't connect with other programs they use on a regular basis.. I'm not going to get into an FCPX debate here.. I use it on some projects and I use FCP7 on other (the ones that pay) I already have both FCP's and they are working well for me.. but when my FCP7 can no longer be used.. and if FCPX still isn't ready for prime time.. then I'll be moving over to Premiere Pro.. :)
This is just my opinion.. Do your own research and figure out which NLE works best for you!

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