The weather is really good. Sisters and brothers that day are very fun and cooperation. Sisters prepared a fun game, but also brothers must be very cooperative. Obstacles to beat both brothers and groom. The groom's brother really is generally trusted group. As there are very fun bride and sisters.
Johnson is a handsome, fun, polite groom. Abby is a petite, beautiful, beautiful girl bride is very temperament. They are very login right, there are a couple look.
While shooting time is rush, but still made a good for them. Abby is like Korean songs, so he asked to have a Korean song for the day of the movie. So I chose a slow song and a fast song to produce. I hope their wedding as warm as the sun, as soft as the moonlight.
A'Legria Studio team is very happy to have the opportunity to shoot the whole wedding records for the two of them. We are here to bless them both grow old, happy, affectionate.


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