This weekend was the first weekend with no wedding in 5months.
Since I haven't spent any weekend with my family, I decided to take my wife and 2 kids up to Lake Geneva.
We've never been there before, so we were all super excited.
Mostly shot with 60D, and some 7D.
Lens used: Canon 28mm f1.8 and Tokina 11-16 f2.8
All the wide shots, including moving car shots are done by 60D, gift shop footage and non-wide shots are by 7D. I think it's easy to tell as for the focal length.
Handheld rig was Zacuto Rapid Fire.
I wish I had attach the extra Gorilla Plate to my 60D so that I could use handheld as well, but with Swivel LCD, couldn't decide to add the plate or not. Besides, I am not too familiar with 60D photo menu, so I needed to bring 7D with me.
Edited in MBP with Premiere Pro CS5. Worked with raw footage (no transcoding to AVI, which I always do on our wedding films). No color correcting.
Hope you all like it!


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