Canon EOS 60D

Had to check how my 60D shots RAW at high Iso. Nothing works better than two kids at evening.

Almost everything is at 1600 - and some shots at 3200. I Also used Auto ETTR, which seems to work great.

Conformed and graded using Davinci Resolve lite, edited in FCP X. Unusually for me, I didn't use Film Convert, because I wanted to see how the high Iso noise came out.

I have to say I'm pretty amazed at the quality I got from this humble camera - and at how easy it was conforming and grading these shots in Resolve. Sure, there is lots of noise - but it looks very natural to me.
However: the shots using the magic zoom function (kind of crop mode) don't look so good at high ISO, especially at 3200, and I can only recommend using it at low ISO.

Comments are welcome!

Music: "Venga Bus" by Pierlo (


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