illusion of houdini


00:00 - 02:10 - During the 2011-2012 I took part in creation of "Kikoriki. Team Invincible". As a lead FX artist I developed tools for creating various types of water surfaces (from calm to stormy and breaking waves), texture and particle foam, splashes, object interaction. Also the rain tool was developed, including rain drops, splashes and trails.
02:12 - 02:14 - small RnD of creating contollable destructions in Houdini. In order to achieve more interesting result I've developed tool (some utility nodes + python script) for creating spring constraint network, which gives more complicated behavior
02:15 - 02:17 - RnD of using gridless advection for increasing visible details of smoke and fire
02:18 - 02:22 - just test of creating explosions using Pyro
02:25 - 02:27 - In this RnD my goal was to develop a workflow for creating fast explosions with controllable behavior. As a result I've developed set of DOP nodes for shaping fluid, based on vorticles and divergence. Also I've created hi-level operators for creating and visualizing rest field, painting and advecting color on fluid. To increase the details, multi-step gridless advection was applied. As for rendering, using irradiance point cloud cache, I've managed to reduce render time to few minutes (in example with 3 point lights with raytraced shadows and 2 steps of gridless advection)
02:30 - 02:36 - this example shows the capabilities of tool for coloring fluid. This tool allows you to quickly change color solution without recomputing of main simulation.
02:37 - 02:38 - tools in "every day" work


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