We shoot aerial cinematography and photography through the use of RC helicopters.

With this High-Tech equipment we are able to shoot nearly every angle our customers may need. The system is very flexible in changing position, landing, weather alternation and other problems/wishes during a shooting.

Through our video downlink system we are able to shoot about 1000 m around the operator platform and control our camera from the ground. One flight lasts up to 15 minutes depending on hight, speed (up to 80 km/h) and the environment.

We can take video in FULL HD and shoot images up to 22 MP with very high quality cameras and different lenses controlled from the ground!

Cameras like Red EPIC, Scarlet, FS700, C300 e.g. will be possible soon!

Contact and Information under:

Special thanks to Mathias Schöffel, Katharina Waschke, Fabian Weber (, Comocen Media (, Florian Selder, Michi Inzinger ( / and Daniell Bohnhof (


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