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Full video: vimeo.com/73432122 (Beginner level)
Between commuting with heavy bags, sitting in a chair for much of the day, holding our arms in a fixed tying position, those of us who work a regular office job place a lot of strain on our spines, resulting in chronic back pain.  This series stretches and strengthens the spine, preventing future injuries and easing past ones.  Cat/cow pose warms and massages the spine, while reclining big toe pose lengthens and stretches it.  A short series of "baby" backbends playfully challenges us to explore how we crunch our lower backs - and how to treat the area with more kindness and compassion.  Finally, wind-releasing pose strengthens the abdominal muscles, which support the lower back so as to prevent further strain. NYV0037
Full video: vimeo.com/73432122

j vimeo.com/82592703

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