unocent: free culture angels

Lawrence Lessig, the founder of creative commons, was here in Barcelona at Kosmopolis at the CCCB, the cultural reference for all barcelonians eager to be part of a multicultural society that is inevitably interrelated in a global collective culture. Lessig came here five years ago, and he came back to reafirm the path towards a free culture that's being shaped by the selforganized emergence of our children connecting in free networks in a digital era. The response against this adapting emergence is similar to the one that was expressed when the first phonograph came out.

Creators, critics and amateurs, are all immersed in a change process, where copyright has to be adapted as well, to enable a fair use, and to eneable a new set of sharing culture, where governments have to be taught.

A few minuts earlier, Zygmunt Bauman pointed out the lack of tools to address the global issues. is such a tool, as we believe is the people, the ones that can drive the emergence for a collective culture to take place, one in which no barriers are necesary. is microdonations tools where free culture angels are able to reward those creations they love, in order to create a sustainable industry, a stronger Internet, were we are the filters of those things that have value to each of us.

An action at the micro level, such as a one cent donation, or ten, or a tag, a rate, a comment, or nothing, enough to set a different set of rules for a society that needs to share common values, to enable a fair deal, where you rule.

Become a free culture angel.


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