Travel Logs - Japan

The "Sprinkling Water Festival" at the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine is one of the most interesting summer-festivals in Tokyo ... and a real challenge for taking a movie !!!
Water everywhere and 100.000 umbrellas to block the view. Well, I tried to protect my camera by using a towel and I was holding my tripod at the lower end of the legs, trying to keep the whole thing as steady as possible, aiming something on the small display 1,5 m above my head, while rain and water was dropping in my eyes. Samurai-spirit, not only for the guys ( and girls ) carrying these fucking heavy portable shrines ( Mikoshi ) on their shoulders ;-)))
The camera was an JVC GZ-HD3, sports-mode, no color correction, edited with iMovie. The music is one of the most famous "Enka", written for this festival long time ago, "O Matsuri Mambo" by Hibari Misora ... waschoi ! Waschoi !!!


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