A/V Performance

Jasmin Schaitl
Live-Video-Performance, 5`00 , no sound
`Just frame me – impersonate the order`, 2010


The video projection of my person, the torso formed after my body, and my real me create the space and offer the format for the performance. The torso is the static connection and the interface which permits the communication, where space and time is coordinated between the projection and the real me.

During the performance, the projection of my person disrobes itself stage by stage and puts the shirts behind the torso. The real me takes the materialised fabrics from behind the torso and dresses itself with it.

Within these movement cycles, the three levels of representation develop a certain relation. In the one hand it seems as a coordinated order, and on the other one there you can follow a discontinuity in the communication. The repeated but diversified interaction reflects visual forms of representation and perception of a staged-self.

As an antipole to the digital video, there is the use of the mirror as an analogical support.
My observation of my projected me in the mirror intensifies my presence and implicates another level of reflection. A reflection of coordination and dependence. The mirrored actions navigate me in through the real space.

My body and the performance present my offered field of artistic interaction, which broach the issue of replaceability, reproducibility and the woman as an object of exposure.
Through my entering in the digital space (beamerframe), the projection and the real are meeting temporarily.
The three levels of representation of myself in the performance, come together in the manner of reflection, poetry and present the,self in a perishable act.

j vimeo.com/19062142

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