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the project work:
A few miles downstream from Lancaster, the county seat of Lancashire, England, and an old sea trading port, lies the body of a young black servant/slave - reputedly. The site is now a walk-to holiday spot, fields around cater for caravans and tents. There is a small village nearby that used to be used by shipping merchants back then, when the weather was too bad to travel on to Lancaster.
The young man was a member of the crew of a sailing ship and it was his shipmates who buried him before returning to sea. The villagers refused him ground in the local graveyard.
In England, rivers leading to the sea are common. I think I read once that no Englishman in his land is more than 25 miles from water, however, this grave is probably the only one of its kind in England.

By doing the work I learnt about the history of the word the grave goes by - and I get to go to a conference in Seattle next year to talk about it! Excellent.


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