Orphan Care

lifesongfororphans.org/student-life-homes Ezron's story is much like many other students at our school in Zambia. Fortunately unlike 95% of all Zambian's, Ezron and his classmates will get the opportunity to go onto high school. Even with this opportunity there is room for growth. The Student Life Homes project will provide a safe, nurturing environment for these high school students. You have an opportunity to affect Ezron's life by donating to the Student Life Homes Project. A matching gift of $200,000 has been committed by a generous donor. Your gift will be DOUBLED! To learn more and donate go to lifesongfororphans.org/student-life-homes

Music: "Your Love is as Wide as It's Tall" & "Wonderful Jesus" both by Lovelite, comeandlive.com

j vimeo.com/76558018

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