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A re-edit of video & sound of Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee & Cigarettes" film, sequence 'Jack Shows Meg His Tesla Coil'.

I love Jarmusch’s work and I found this film, with its 11 sequences, ideal to remix for a 3 screen presentation. However, this is 1 of a series of remixes that does not intercut with the other sequences, except for using part of the classical music piece from the sequence, ‘Champagne’.

After watching the "Jack & Meg" sequence, I wanted to focus on the relationship aspect in a more direct manner and to also bring out indirect commentary that I read into the sequence. And since Jarmusch’s films focus on dialogue, and this being a visual remix, I cut-out most of the 'word' explication of the Tesla coil, and instead tried to show it’s important to Jack in a brief visual impression.

Lastly, the remix is both in French and English because I found it interesting intertwining the 2 in particular because I still struggle with the language living in France and also because this idea lead into a live performance with a French collective and I wanted the audience to understand.

Sidenote: Jack and Meg are from the band the White Strips and they started out at my friend Neil Yee's bar in Detroit called, "The Gold Dollar" – a great place for artists. golddollar.com

j vimeo.com/3556063

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