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To me, the goal of a mountain show is to find musicians whose music comes from places of personal intuition and seem to be communicating something about themselves that can't be put into words, and having them perform their music on different locations on Mount Taurus in the Lower Hudson Highlands. All in attendance hike as a group. The legend of Mount Taurus is that it is the giant corpse of an ancient, antagonistic bull. I spent a year as a teacher in Korea, hiking everywhere, and always loved keeping the legends in my mind. The mountain near my home had a legend that a fish descended from heaven and swam in a small pool on top. Another mountain had a legend that the gods would play with white deer near its crater lake. I think on the mountain shows, a lot of pretense is erased because hiking a mountain together can be exhausting. I also think that if I am really feeling a performance, my own or from others, My surroundings are transformed into a different place. We have had performances by streams, gigantic wells, on peaks, and in the ruins of the gigantic estate of Edward Cornish, who was once the president of the National Lead Company. I definitely experienced these places transforming.

Daniel Goldberg

j vimeo.com/52694789

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