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overgroun is an artist name representing a variety of video projects. Projects include fashion shows, live concerts & festivals, non profit videos, small businesses, promotional videos, theatre, public access TV, sports, & art

*************music videos/live concerts*************

RAGE: A documentary (trailer):

*************Music/Art Festivals************

__________Underground Sound videos_________

Underground Sound 7 Electronic Music Festival OFFICIAL VIDEO

UGS6 teaser:


UGS7 event reel:

UGS6 Underground Sound artist videos:

Unlimited Gravity & Somasphere @ Sonic Bloom 2011:

Wobble Family Campout 2010:

Lovefest in the Midwest; Oudanowhere stage, 2010:

Hippies vs Reality (Isle of Wight Music Festival, 1970):
part I:
part II:

OFFICIAL PREVIEW: HLN6 music festival @ Bourbon Theatre, Lincoln, NE

*************BEYOND THE INK*************

Beyond the INK is a company I travel with around the country to various tattoo expos, conventions, festivals, studios, etc. Interviewing real artists and defining what goes into making a good tattoo. check us out!

Texas Tattoo Showdown Festival, El Paso, TX

Gato Negro Tattoo - Shop Visit

*************Hooping/poi/nunchaku/fire staff videos*************

"Oslo Nights" Digital Witchcraft Hoop Jam

Burning Through Barriers - Fire POI team Lincoln, NE

DEEP SKY: Lincoln Hoop Jam - Arianna:

FIRE! - NYE @ 906 - Omaha, NE

*************non-profit videos*************

I produce videos for Bold Nebraska 501(c)4: Bold Nebraska is a progressive non profit organization standing up against corporate oil companies' plan to drill an oil pipeline across the state of Nebraska, the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Vote Jump! MUSIC VIDEO 2010:

Protect our Prairie: Stop the TransCanada Oil Pipeline Rally:

Dangers of Transcanada Oil Pipeline:

"We Built this CIty" Lincoln, NE Mayor Chris Beutler re-election Campaign

*************random lab videos*************

Extreme Essence Hair Salon - How to Color

Beautiful Burnout - Underworld - MUSIC VIDEO (Lincoln/Omaha, NE)

Trafik - Paid Up In Full (Thomas Sagstad & Mike Hawkins Remix) TOXIC CULTURE music video



I Host a TV show on Public Access TV about culture in Lincoln, NE. The 30-minute show is on Fridays at 11:30 PM and Mondays at 10:30 PM.

overgroun is NOT a production company. overgroun is one man's collection of video experiences. Projects include fashion shows, live concerts & festivals, non profit videos, small businesses, promotional videos, weddings, theatre, public access TV, sports, & art.

track is "Dynamite Fishing" by mr. rogers


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