here is the latest test flight with the NEW "Herkules III" brushless
controller for multicopter usage.
The test configuration is:
- Oktokopter Frame AS8, 100cm dimension between axes
- 16,4kg lift-off weight
- FlightControl DJI Wookong
- Motor KW10 (T-Motor GF MT3515 -15)
- Props 14x8 Graupner E-Props
- Brushless Controller "Herkules III" with active freewheeling and PPM Firmware
- 2x 6S/4200 Lipo
Hover Amps = 150A
Air Temp = 10°
ESC Temp = 33°
Motor Temp = 48°

Don't Do This at HOME !!!
This is a "worst case" test setup to stress the power electronics as much as possible!
This drive setup is NOT optimized for efficiency!
Target is to transfer lots of power in a short time.

A safe setup must have less payload...

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