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This video features Andrew Thomas, Clinical Ayurveda Specialist at Doctor Blossom.

Many people today have heard of using a Neti Pot because it works. Neti originates from Ayurvedic medicine and is a form of nasal irrigation that has been used in cultures around the world for centuries to relieve sinus issues. Neti works by improving the action of the tiny hair-like structures called cilia that line the inside of the nasal and sinus cavities. The cilia wave back and forth to clear mucous out of the sinuses. Using a Neti Pot is a much more effective way to clear out mucous, dust, germs, and allergens from the nose than simply blowing your nose.

The benefits of Neti are:
* Relieving congestion, sinus pain, sneezing, and allergies
* Improving respiration by clearing dust, dirt, or allergens from the nasal passages
* Preventing and treating sinus infections and colds


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