After Effects / Illustration Character Animation

Location: Hunts Point Area, Bronx, NY

Unsecured data is a valuable commodity. It is traded like currency on the Darknet, and deals are occasionally consummated through our offline data courier service. We don’t discriminate on the data we’ll carry, and that laissez faire approach to our work can make our data couriers targets of opportunity for both enterprising government and criminal elements. So be it. While the risk of data exposure and theft is real, our core mission – nurturing our RAID.451 archival slice - is virtually impregnable to outside scrutiny.

As professional couriers we take pride in the service we provide our clients, and employ tradecraft learned from years of experience to avoid detection from cops and robbers alike. It is a rare occasion when we abort an offline data delivery. It is an even rarer occasion to be involuntary separated from the data we have been entrusted with.

The threat of detection is significant; the surveillance virtually ubiquitous. The windows have eyes and the drone wagons are deployed 24/7. Jim Vagabond’s predilection for evasion is why he takes on the most high-risk jobs. Tonight he is out on a pick-up near Hunts Point, an old haunt of his before he consumed his RAID.451 archival slice.

Animation - Mike Stuttman
Music - John Mulkerin

(c) 2013


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