Cinematography and Light

This is a self portray of me, leaving home, saying goodbye to everyone I love, taking a new adventure on the other side of the globe, starting again, and chasing dreams.

Chen Xu ("Me"), Hao Li (Girlfriend, Dancer), Youken Tan (Friend, Dancer), Qi Wang (Friend),
Tian He's parents (Parents), Yiyi Luo (Dancer), Zack Filkoff (Dancer), Michael Chancellor (Dancer)

Producers: Ruby Zhang & Zack Filkoff
Director/ Writer/ Editor: Hao Zheng
Director of Photography: Sam Robbinson
1st Assistant Director: Nicholas Jagelski
2nd Assistant Director: Laura Wu
Gaffer: Mitch Ball
Production Design/ Make up: Nikki Frangella
Sound: Fan Zou & Mia Zhao
On Set Photographer: Rainnie He
Production Assistants: Steven Xu & Nikki Wang

鼓诗 by 闫学敏
妈妈天那 by 萨顶顶
焔色の影 by 朝倉紀行 from SAMURAI WESTERN Katsugeki-Samuraidoh Music Collection


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