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About two months ago a friend of mine suggested that I put together some music that was "meditative". I immediately felt a surge of inspiration to do just that. Initially, I was going to use only synthesizer patches (sounds) from a keyboard.

However, I decided that for me to compose a piece with no guitar in it would be almost impossible for me to do~! Therefore, I settled on the idea of starting out slowly and going with a method that is most comfortable for me. That is, letting go and playing my guitar over top of a track that is already meditative and calming. This is the result.

As is typical I use more than one guitar tone. The first section of my improvisation uses a clean jazzy tone and the second a more overdriven rock/fusion sound that enables me to create some interesting "outside" melodies. I hope you enjoy this short little piece of music that I created for you. Use it as an escape from the pressure of life.

We all need a few moments to pull ourselves back to the center where we belong.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the arts,


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