Canon HD video

This is a video showing the wonderful world of a few amazingly detailed toys. I created this as the second video in the A Macro World series because of the imense detail that these few toys offer when shot in a macro style. I have noticed that a steady shot is very difficult while shooting in an uncontrolled environment like the outdoors but can still be achievable with a lot of patience. This video will hopefully inspire more macro shooting with so many different types of things in our world to capture in macro filming.

Technical details: Canon T2i, 18-55mm kit lens, bellows macro adapter, canon FD lenses, and z96 led light, diy slider (upside down most of the time for low mode), diy skater dolly (, and other misc. grip items.

Military Toys can be found at a local store here in the bay area called Sierra Toy Soldier Company. Or online at:

Music Artist: mindthings
Album: Life's Path
Song: Emotion Vibes
Website for creative commons download:


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