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The most consideration went into this Little Band. Not only did they play a killer set of sixties style pop tunes but they also looked and completely played the part. You gotta love a bunch of guys rocking out while wearing Napoleon Dynamite geek frames! The crowd screamed for more.

Phoney Beatlemania has NOT bitten the dust!

The Ray Davies comprise of James O'Brien & Sean Lawless of The Boat People and Neal Harvey & Angus Grant of Twin City Radio.

Resurrected as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival, is the LITTLE BANDS scene, that was featured in the aussie punk classic movie "Dogs In Space" and the bonus content documentary "We're Livin' On Dog Food".

The concept was simple. With a loose collection of friends of the scene, bands were formed and played a 15 minute performances in inner city Melbourne. The most famous of these little bands were the recently reformed Primitive Calculators. Some bands played their set only once and disbanded, while other performed a handful of times. With this concept, over a period of two Thursdays night, a bunch of new bands will follow that tradition from the late 70's/early 80's.


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