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Setting the tone, the opener on Future Of The Left latest opus, 'How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident', is the opener ‘Bread, Cheese, Bow And Arrow’. A study in extreme minimalist rock, and Falkous’ lyric “I’m just a man: a simple thing” is the perfect introduction to the album’s rawness. Purged of the vocal harmonies, kitschy organ and sing-song melodies that cluttered the band’s increasingly soft sound, all that’s left is three and a bit minutes of coiled tension and measured violence: a focused, post-hardcore give-and-take between space and roar, restraint and face-melting release. - NME


You might have your opinion about which band is the best in the entire world but you don't need to since Time Out's Andrew P Street has already made that decision for you.

And it's Future of the Left, based on the fact that:
a) half of them used to be in mclusky, previous holders of the Best Band In The Entire World title,
b) they haven't made a less-than-amazing album right up to and including the forthcoming How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident, and
c) they will take your face off live. If you don't attend their gig, there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

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