Canon HD video

I went to the canal behind Birmingham University train station just before dusk on christmas eve (2009). The weather was beautifully foggy all day, so it was a unique photographic opportunity for me.

The place was in almost total darkness. The only main lighting source I had was the orange ambient light from the distant streets which was intensified by both the fog and the snowy grounds. Other than that some lights behind the trees and the fence of the train station also helped a little.

The 5D mkii was set to auto every thing because I was not planning on shooting anything useful actually, I was there to shoot long exposure photos in the first place. I used the Canon 85mm f/1.8 for the video, and the 24-105mm for the photos.

For the post I used 3ycc to color correct, then CHV for noise removal and Smooth Camed when necessary... why did I not use the ready tripod is something I can't explain... I do that kind of strange things some times!


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