Brown and rainbow trout were first introduced to New Zealand water in the late 19th century. The North Island of New Zealand is covered with plenty great fishing rivers, streams and lakes. Most rivers and streams hold trout.
The North island has a volcanic history, most of the major lakes are old volcanic craters and the central north island is now still very active the last eruption was in 1997 when Mt Ruapehu threw out a little ash. The volcanic nature of the area provides a good base for trout streams. Many of the rivers are fed by catchments high in the hills or mountains in the central north island giving them clean clear, high quality fish environment.
Fish in New Zealand have flourished with little competition from other species. Fish here are made up predominantly of wild populations. These fish are easily spooked and normally require an element of stealth.
Many locations can be accessed through public access however many of the most outstanding fisheries require access across private land where Knowledge of the area and previous dealings with landowners can be useful.
You can expect to catch fish that average 2-4lbs, And many fish well over this size are caught every year.
Catch and release is advised for most locations, the exception would be the Rotorua lakes, Lake Taupo and its tributaries.


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