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"Le Jardin Au Ciel"
A stop motion animation effort... the third - and last - in a series of three.
By sampling my watercolor paintings to create new design elements, each image was crafted and sequenced in Photoshop and exported as individual images. The sampled elements that came together to form the designs in this piece came from three different paintings.
Images were then imported and edited to music in Final Cut Pro.
The design process was done with music by Bajka in mind and is part of a forthcoming series of longer animation films that will feature some of her full length tracks as well as a few other of my favorite artists.
I am a sound engineer by profession as well, so process wise I am producing visual beats.
The theme of this particular piece, Le Jardin Au Ciel (The Garden In the Sky), was influenced by the lyrics by Bajka as well as the delta plant life I grew up with in Mobile, Alabama. The jungle like quality of of flowers that live in the trees and spanish moss that blurs the light.
I look forward to playing with more elemental expressions in future works. I didn't really have a plan when I started the sequence, I just let the design flow based on the qualities of the elements - capturing each step into an image as I constructed and deconstructed the sampled forms.

More paintings:

Song: Walk In The Sky
Artists: Bonobo feat. Bajka
Album: Days To Come


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