DSLR Cinema

[2/19/14 - changed 3:03 from a diptych]
[2/12/14 - minor fixes to widescreen framing, color correction, timing and smoothcam stuff]

Compilation of all my unused footage taken throughout 2013. There was about 2 hours of video initially and it took reaaaaaally long (1 month 10 days with procrastination, League of Legends and midterms accounted) to compress all that. These were either clips to be used for a project that fell through or just random ones taken during vacation at Tahoe and Europe. I tried to imply some type of story with the song progression and the contrasting imagery of seasons and night / day and hopefully that's noticeable.

Arcade Fire - "Song on the Beach" (From the Movie "Her")
Arcade Fire - "Photograph" (From the Movie "Her")

j vimeo.com/86366213

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