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Teaser for Jeffrey & Ahmira Pre-nup

Shot in UAE - Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Video Crew:
Erwin Magbanua
Mark Vicente

Wella Maria Hong

Video Details:
Mostly Handheld including last burj dubai shot, glidetrack compact. Canon EOS 7D, Adobe premiere and after effects.

BG Music: "A Little More" by Skillet

Love is all around you now
So take a hold
Hidden in our words
It sometimes ain't enough
Don't suffocate day after day
It's building up
Cause when you're feeling weak
You know I'm strong enough

Just one more day
One more day

Oh, let the world crash
Love can take it
Oh, let the world come crashing down
Oh, let the world crash
Love can take it
Love can take a little
Love can give a little more

Love is indestructible
So take a hold
Sometimes hard to find
A reason good enough
I'll stand beside you
Never leave through it all
And faith will bring a way
To the impossible

You can find me
You can find me anywhere
Take a look over your shoulder
I'll be standing there
Standing there

j vimeo.com/10426853

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