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On Sundays, Bob and I often head to a local State Forest to cut firewood. We call it, going to "church". In warmer weather, it's surfing, but in the winter, it's the forest.

We bring a couple of beers, the dogs, sometimes one of the kids, and we cut, split and load firewood. We work, shoot the shit, laugh, complain and smoke an occasional cigarette. What we really do is share our lives for a couple of hours.

When our trucks are full, we leave. Sometimes we meet up with the wives for lunch and football. Sometimes we just go our separate ways.

On this particular day, Bob's son Matt came with with us, as well as their dog Bear. I was a bit of a slacker as instead of cutting, splitting or loading wood, I was shooting a good bit of the time.

Bob thinks I should repent.

Canon 5DMII
70-200mm f.28

Edited in Final Cut Pro 6.05
Exported to Apple ProRes 422 1280x720 30p

j vimeo.com/2936408

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